Friday, July 20, 2007

First Post

It's true, infertility does hurt. I start this blog on the day I found out my friend and his wife are expecting. They got married at the end of June. I am extremely happy for them because they both are wanting to start a family right away.

Finding out this news has gotten me feeling very depressed. My husband and I have been married since October 2005. We haven't been trying, but we haven't been preventing. One would think we would have gotten pregnant by now.

I spoke with my gynocologist in May 2006. She did some preliminary blood tests and things came back perfect.

I don't know what all I can do. I just started my period after not having one since the beginning of March. I have crazy, irregular cycles. I have an appointment for my annual exam on the 31st. I really would like to get pregnant within the next year. We'll see what my husband says about that. We've been wanting to wait, but with my irregular cycles and not having gotten pregant in almost 2 years, my opinion is we better start actually trying now. I've always wanted to have a few kids before I turn 30, that's less than 5 years away.

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