Saturday, September 8, 2007

Getting back into the swing of things

This may be a repeat of what I had previously written, but I'll just recap.

I started my period on Aug 26th and I then started my first round of clomid on Aug 28 and took my last pill on Sept 1st. I am still waiting to ovulate, but my temperature took a dive today so I'm hoping I will actually ovulate today. Today is CD 14, so that would be a miracle. I've been having aches in my pelvic area for the past few days which I am hoping is ovulation pain. I have scheduled my CD 21 bloodwork to check my pergesterone levels. Unfortunately, CD 21 falls on a Saturday and the doctor's office is not open. So my appointment will be on Sept 14th at 8:30. I did a bit of research on what the levels should be post ovualation and found this website.

Follicular phase 0.2 - 1.4 ng/mL
Luteal phase 3.3 - 25.0 ng/mL
Mid-luteal phase 4.4 - 28.0 ng/mL
Postmenopausal less than 0.7 ng/mL

1st trimester 11.2 - 90.0 ng/mL
2nd trimester 25.6 - 89.4 ng/mL
3rd trimester 48.4 - 422.5 ng/mL

I ordered some ovulation predictor kits (OPKs) and home pregnanct tests (HPTs) on Sept 4th. I was really hoping they would be here by now. So maybe today I will get them. I am a POAS-aholic. (Pee On A Stick). This cycle seems to be taking forever. I keep staring at my chart in hopes that I will find some hidden revelation.

Awhile ago someone on one of my message boards that I frequent posted a link to the show "Life's Greatest Miracle" that aired on the Nova program on PBS. Just watching that made me just realize how much of a miracle it really is. So if you'd like to watch the show here is the link It's really a great program and I recommend everyone watch it.

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