Thursday, August 23, 2007


I woke up this morning and temped. I was shocked to see my temp had jumped to 98.05. I am wondering if the temp jump was caused by the BCP or I really ovulated. I was hesitant to take the BCP today. What if I did ovulate? But it’d be too late to do anything about it. My husband and I haven’t baby danced since Sunday. I’m mostly worried about what if I did ovulate and conceive and that taking these BCPs to bring on my period will abort the fetus. But I am taking the BCPs for medication to bring on AF and not to contracept. I still feel horrible. I’m hoping it was a fluke because I wasn’t feeling well yesterday with the migraine I got. I only have 4 more days of the BCPs. So the 28th will be the last day I take them and it can’t come soon enough. I hate being on them because the artificial hormones really mess with my system and I always end up feeling sick. I took BCPs several years ago before I converted and was very happy to stop taking them.

Tonight is my first night of classes and school will be a nice distraction from this trying to conceive rollercoaster.

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Sunny said...

I hope school goes well. IF is completely a rollercoaster! I HATE IT!