Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ah, the weekend

This was supposed to be a great weekend. I usually have Friday's off and my husband took the day off as well. We also both took Monday off. We were going to spend the entire weekend to ourselves and just have some together time since our anniversary is Monday. It's been well over a month since we've had a weekend free. The ony non-together time as been the football game we went to this morning with my husband's family. I was hoping we'd just go to the game then come home and continue our weekend. But now his family is coming over this evening for "movie time".

I'm also getting depressed that I haven't ovulated yet. I think with the way my temperature was today, I might ovulate today. I will have to take another OPK. I'm getting emotionally tired from the TTC journey. We've sort of been on it for 2 years. I'm getting frustrated at the fact that I may never get pregnant. I really want to just give up and stop TTC after this cycle. But I know I'll regret it if I do.

I think I'm just going to try to "grin and bear" it this evening. I'll make some tea and hopefully have a kitty or 2 cuddle with me. And lots of chocolate!

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Sunny said...

I totally know how you feel. I would love to stop myself. Don't give up!