Monday, October 8, 2007

I suppose....

I suppose I should write an has been awhile.

My first cycle on clomid was a bust. My period started last Saturday (Sept. 29th). I did up my pills and have taken them for "round 2". I feel this is "old hat" now. I'm not as gung-ho this cycle. I had heard so many stories about getting pregnant on the first cycle of clomid. When I talked to the nurse after my progesterone test she said next cycle they would bump it up to 100mg of clomid. I went to pick up my prescription and it was for only 50mg again. I did have a strong ovulation last cycle so we'll see how that goes.

I've been waking up about a half hour to an hour earlier than my normal wake up time of 5:10am. I've now adjusted my wake time and am now getting up at 4:20am. I started with my ovulation predictor kits today...very faint line so ovulation isn't too far off. I hope I have some ovulation pain again this cycle. It was a nice reminder that it wasn't too far off.

Since I'm not pregnant, I'm enjoying a nice cold beer. So *cheers* and here to a new cycle and new hope.


LifeHopes said...

Sorry to hear your last cycle was not the one.
I started the same day as you. We are looking into Clomid, too, if we aren't pregnant by Christmas.
I - like you - am not getting my hopes up too much at this point. But then again, sometimes it is impossible NOT to hope, at least a little bit!

Sunny said...

It sucks being here but Cheers right back at you as I enjoy my second glass of wine!